Year 2022

The Life Day Massacre - Star Wars Legion

Barely announced and already almost sold out! The next Element Games tournament near Manchester will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December! Grab the last tickets, join the intergalactic battle in Star Wars Legion, and win amazing Feldherr prizes! Your miniatures will be so thankful when you bring home your loot of a brand-new FELDHERR HALF-SIZE CASE 90 FOR STAR WARS: LEGION.

Image source: the Facebook page of the event organizer.

Courage and Honour VII - WH40k

Armies were fairly well mixed, though there was a strong Chaos presence with 3 Daemon armies and 2 Chaos Space Marine armies. Day 1 started off with quite the surprise when an Astra Militarum army utterly destroyed a T'au Empire force.
Daemon fought daemon and Chaos Marines were defeated by Orks.

Game 2 continued that trend with the Astra Militarum gaining another win, this time over the Emperor's Children. By this point, the Astra Militarum player is leading the event, using the oldest codex there!
Orks were victorious yet again. The Adepta Sororitas pulled off the narrowist of wins (by 2vp)!
Sadly at this point the T'au player had to withdraw due to illness, so from this point on the lowest ranked player would receive a 'bye' in each round.

In round 3, the last of day 1, Astra Militarum pulled out yet another win. The Emperor's Children crushed the Orks. The Ultramarines utterly destroyed the Imperial Knights force, though by having a bye, the opponent would get the full points for a victory.

On to day 2, and the Astra Militarum kept the momentum going by defeated the Adepta Sororitas. The Emperor's Children re-enacted a scene from the Horus Heresy by destroying the Iron Hands. The Orks achieved our first natural 100vp victory of the event. The Ultramarines fought the Black Legion, and whilst they did manage to destroy the Possessed, Terminators and even Abaddon the Despoiler himself, they were forced into a defensive position and could not hold the field.

Over the lunch break a raffle was held, and got a fairly good spread of winners. The winner of the Feldherr case was very pleased with his prize as he'd just started playing skirmish games, so the case would be very helpful to him.

Onto the final game. This time the Imperial Knights finally got a win by defeating the Black Legion. The Slaanesh Daemons defeated the Genestealer Cults. The Sororitas defeated the Iron Hands, Emperor's Children beat the remaining Daemons army. Finally the Astra Militarum army defeated the Orks, to win the event undefeated!

Tournament Champion: Tony Wenham - Astra Militarum
Best Painted Army: Travis Whittaker - Genestealer Cults
Best Objective Markers: Tony Wenham - Astra Militarum
Best opponent: Elliott Whittaker - Chaos Daemons
Wooden spoon: Joni Waine - Black Legion

If you are in Western Wales, we have great news: with Courage And Honour VII, you have the chance to test your might and prove yourself on the battlefield of Warhammer 40k! 🔥 And if you are triumphant, you might even take Feldherr prizes home 🤫🏆

On the weekend of November 19th, you can step up to the challenge in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire. Besides the WH40k tournament, there will also be a raffle taking place. All revenue generated will be donated to Sands Charity - take part for a good cause 💙🧡

Nienburger Bear Bowl - Blood Bowl

We are very happy with how the Nienburger Bear Bowl Tournament turned out! Such a pleasant event with a great climate for a fantastic group of coaches. Budding heads with and subjugating the other teams in a friendly atmosphere is everything Blood Bowl coach desires 😌🏉

We congratulate all the skilled winners on their booty of Feldherr bags and cases. We are sure your Blood Bowl team will need the rest in comfy Feldherr foam after this long weekend on the green 🏟️🙌

We thank the Organizers of this tournament for their effort that left people clamoring for more - we look forward to seeing you again next year! 🐻🚩

The Nienburger Bear Bowl is an official NAF Blood Bowl tournament in Nienburg, near Weser. On the weekend of October 8th, coaches will be budding heads in this carnage of a fantasy football game.

Feldherr is proud to present this event to you and to support it with many exciting prizes for the best of players. If you want to have a shot at these goodies, you can find all info on how to sign up on their website. 🏉🛡

Aemona Open GT - Warhammer 40k

Great news for all our Slovenian 40k players. We are happy to announce our support for the Aemona Open GT.
The GT is made in collaboration between Aemona Tournament Organisation and Wargaming Slovenia

The Grand Tournament will take place in Ljubljana from Saturday, September the 24th to Sunday the September 25st.📍🗓

If you are interested in the event, you can read up more information and register here:

Pouring Rain Open VIII - Blood Bowl

Despite the weather over the town of Bergen not living up to the name of the tournament, the Pouring Rain Open was a great success! 🌩🌊

The Norwegian Blood Bowl scene gathered together these two days to the battle on the table. Two happy winners went home with Feldherr bags on that fateful day 🏆🏉

Congratulations to all winners of PRO, and a big thank you to the organizers of Norway's biggest BB tournament 🇳🇴

Battle the flood of enemy coaches at the Pouring Rain Open VIII in Bergen! ☔️ If you are from Norway, you might already be familiar with this stormy and NAF-sanctioned Blood Bowl tournament. 🏉 🇳🇴

On the weekend of September 24th, you have the chance to win 1 of 2 Feldherr storage solutions for your Blood Bowl team! 🧳

Will you defeat the other teams lighting-fast and reap thunderous applause? 🌩
Or will you be washed away by the Pouring Rain? 🌊

Find out more info, rules, and how to sign up on their page.

Deutsche Meisterschaft HTL - MESBG

Epic battles have been fought, but only the wisest and bravest kings left a mark on the scrolls of Middle Earth history 📜⚔️🏅

We congratulate Anas, Alex, and Tim for winning this year's Deutsche Meisterschaft in MESBG in Hamburg! We hope your armies find great comfort in the Feldherr bags won this weekend 🏆🎁

Be prepared for epic battles and have a chance to win one of three Feldherr MEDIUM bags at this weekends MESBG tournament #DM2022 in Hamburg, Germany! ⚔️

Find out all info how to sign up on their

MinyCon - WH40k, Conquest, Magic

We think back to the MinyCon weekend with great satisfaction. It was so great to see how many people participated in the games or came by out of sheer curiosity and added to the friendly atmosphere! 😊

MinyCon raised 1050€ 😱 for the children in need charity Verein der Freunde und Förderer der Erziehungshilfe St. Klara eV. - Thank you to everyone attending and organizing this fantastic event! 💙

MinyCon 2023 is already in planning 😉🗓

From September 3rd to September 4th, you have the chance to win amazing Feldherr prizes at the MiniyCon in Beckum, Germany. Admission is free! You can compete in a wide variety of games, like Warhammer 40k, Bushido Risen Sun, Conquest, Song of Ice and Fire, Freebooters Fate, Star Wars X-Wing, Infinity: Aristeia, Magic the Gathering, Bolt Action, MESBG, and many more! 🥇🥈🥉

There will also be a raffle and a painting contest on these two days of gaming fun. All revenue will be given to the non-profit association Freunde & Förderer, which has supported young people in need since 1999. ⚖️

Follow the Facebook page for more info! 🔜

The Big V - Blood Bowl

On all accounts, The Big V tournament in Australia was an excellent time for all attending Blood Bowl coaches 🇦🇺🏆

We received a lot of positive feedback on the Feldherr prizes and goodies we shipped the long way to Down Under and are happy to call ourselves one of the sponsors of such a fantastic event! 🤩📫

We thank Johnny Wilkinson for putting his all into organizing this tournament and congratulate all the proud winners at The Big V! 🥇🥈🥉 We hope to see you again next year! 🏉

The Big V is Victoria's biggest Blood Bowl tournament and might soon become Australia's biggest tournament. On 27th and 28th August, teams will strew carnage on the playing fields and fight for honor, glory, and amazing Feldherr prizes. Storage Boxes, Feldherr bags - all are on the table, and only the best coaches will walk home with the much-desired trophy. 🏆🇦🇺

If you're interested in measuring up against the best of the best and proving your skills as a coach on the playing field of The Big V - find out more about the event on their official website ✌️

Starbowl 303 - Blood Bowl

From the 27th till the 28th of August The 303 Starbowl 2022 will be held in Bergen, Niedersachsen. We are happy to support the coaches again with matching Feldherr prices🎁

So if you are a coach and have not yet planned this weekend, do not despair! Your team won't have to lay easy those sunny few days! 🏆

You can find more information on the event and the sign-up on their website:
Registration: 303 Starbowl 2022

Grim Dark Battlefield IV - WH40k Grim Dark

At last week's WH40k tournament in the Battlefield Berlin store (quasi next door to the Feldherr HQ) - everyone was a winner! Every participant of the Grim Dark battles of the 41st Millenium went home with goodies, gifts, or prizes! 💎 Not even the simmering summer heat could break the iron will of these Generals to fight for honor and Feldherr cases - but only one went home with the shiny golden trophy! 👑🏆

We thank all participants of the Grim Dark tournament for their strong attendance! Gratitude also to the staff of Battlefield Berlin for organizing such a fantastic event! 🤍🧡

Finally, a tournament in the home base! We are honored to be a supporter of the Grim Dark tournament in the Battlefield store, Berlin - Feldherr's hometown! If you are in the area, you have a chance to win cool Feldherr prizes on the weekend of August 13th and 14th! Prove yourself in the grim dark future of the WH40k game mode by OnePage Rules. If you want to find out more, you can find them on . 🔥🪖

Die Leuchtfeuer Hamburgs brennen - MESBG

The second tournament of Tabletop Nord e.V. is history - many thanks to all participants for the fun weekend and the exciting games.

This was definitely not there last tournament - keep your eyes open, maybe there will be the next announcement soon ... 😉

More Information here

From the 25th till the 26th of June The Tabletop Nord e.V welcomes you to their second tournament "Die Leuchtfeuer Hamburgs brennen Vol 2“ 🗼🔥

If you are local to Hamburg ⚓️ and an expert or beginner in the classic Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, this might be interesting to you!

5 games will be played over two days with one or two armies, each with a maximum of 622 points. ⚔️

The best thing about all of that? You have the opportunity to win exciting prizes from Feldherr 😎

If this piqued your interest, you will find more information on the event and the opportunity to sign up on their page:

Registration: "Die Leuchtfeuer Hamburgs brennen Vol 2“

Royal Rumble: Wheel of Chaos - Blood Bowl

The Royal Rumble 2022 Blood Bowl Tournament in Carpi, IT, was a success for everyone involved!

The lucky winners brought home FELDHERR bags or storage boxes for their victorious Blood Bowl teams.

We congratulate the Coaches on their amazing games on the field.

A huge thanks to everyone who came along and, of course, to the hardworking organizers.

Your appointment for the Royal Rumble, the Blood Bowl tournament organized by Evolution, is back! And we are happy to support them.
Who will be able to write their name on the cup? 
The Gods of Chaos have confirmed the presence of the most terrifying invention ever seen on the fields of Blood Bowl: The WHEEL OF CHAOS!
Confirmed location, new regulation and many, many prizes and gadgets are waiting for you on the 28th of May ! Don't miss it!

Here you can register and find more information: Blood Bowl: The WHEEL OF CHAOS

Hamma Bowl - Blood Bowl

It already has become a Feldherr tradition to support 🙏🏻 the annual Hamma Bowl 🏈 tournament with prizes and goodies. So naturally, we did it again this year for the 5x time. Nearly 70 coaches battled for the first places and our Feldherr Half-Size bags.
We congratulate all winners and thank the organizers for this wonderful and fun event. Till next year! ⚔️🧳

The next Hamma Bowl already has a date. Secure your place before it is too late.

You can register here.

1. Road to Berlin - DUST 1947

The only Berlin-themed DUST 1947 tournament in the world! We are glad to support a local store in the Brettspielplatz. Players enjoyed a weekend of exciting games on magnificent Berlin-styled terrain tables. We congratulate the winner on a brand-new MINI PLUS bag from Feldherr. This truly is a worthy vessel for your triumphant army! 🪖🔥

HTL 4. BW-Meisterschaft - MESBG

The 4th BW Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game Championship in the deep south of our home country, Germany was a great time! 🙌

We congratulate the winners of the tournament, who were awarded a Feldherr MAXI bag to safely carry their entire army home. 🧳🏆

Repeat offender: we are once again honored to sponsor this tournament from the deep south of our home country! If you are local to Baden-Württemberg and an expert or beginner in the classic Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, this might be interesting to you!

The 4th iteration of the BW Meisterschaft is on the weekend of 14th to 15th of May. More information on the event you can find out on . ⚔️🌲

Rhein Con - Warmachine/Hordes

Whether Grand Prix player or lucky fellow at the raffle: many people could end their day at RheinCon with exciting Feldherr prizes in hand. Over 80 people crowded the tables in Düsseldorf this weekend. The most skilled (or most fortunate) received Dice Jails or one of various MINI PLUS bags from Feldherr. Their precious minis won't have to travel home in vain! And so we congratulate all winners and thank the organizers for this wonderful and fun event. Till next year! ⚔️🏆

Delay but not dismay! After a long pandemic-related time-out, Düsseldorfer hobbyists can now return to the tables to find their match in Warmachine / Hordes. The Rhein Con will take place near the Düsseldorfer Airport from Friday, April 29th to Sunday, May 1st.

If you are interested in the event, you can read up more information and register on the Page5 website (English version below). You can also find the con on . 🛠💀

Mulligan's Open - Blood Bowl

Mulligan's Open 2022 at Knightly Gaming in Bathgate was the largest Blood Bowl tournament ever to take place in Scotland! With 48 coaches in attendance, it sure was a brawl!

The tournament was organized by 
MKBBL Commissioner & Scottish NAF representative, Christopher Rafferty "ChrisRaff88". The matches were played in Swiss format, taking place over three rounds. It was a tight finish, with the final round ending with 3 coaches having 3 wins each, meaning the top 3 positions were decided by bonus points (counted by touchdowns scored and casualties caused).

Alongside the traditional awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place, there was a painting competition, in-game spot prizes, and a charity raffle. The charity raffle was for the British Heart Foundation, which raised an incredible £393!

A huge thanks to everyone who came along and, of course, to the hardworking organizers. Huge congratulations to all the winners, especially LordGarlack, who won the day! The Feldherr prizes were a well-deserved reward for all glorious victories that day. Here's to seeing you all again and more next year!

If you are in Scotland or Northern England and are a coach of a fantasy football team made up of grizzly ghouls or savage greenskins, this one is for you:

On April 23rd, the Murder King Blood Bowl League will once again run the Mulligan's Open BB tournament. 🏉💥

Starting MKBBL's 7th season, this tournament will shower the best of the best in riches: there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and rewards for the players with the most touchdowns and most casualties, and many more. Beyond the Blood Bowl tournament, there will be a raffle and a painting competition. Of course, Feldherr is proud to support this community event with prizes. 🧰

The tournament will take place in Knightly Gaming, a premier gaming shop in Bathgate.

You can find out more about the event and how to sign up for participation on their Facebook page.

MUNFRA Game Days - AoS, MTG, WHFB, Blood Bowl

As the MUNFRA Game Days close, the event in Italy can sign off on more than 300 players. 😱 Participating in the several tournaments of Blood Bowl, Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Magic: The Gathering, painting contests, and many more. ♟🎨

The event is considered a great success by the organizers and participants alike, but especially the winners of the Feldherr prizes! 🏆🎁

The best players of four different Blood Bowl categories could take a Feldherr Magnetic Box home. 

We congratulate every winner of the MUNFRA Game Days and all other participants for making this community event such a great success. We'd also like to thank the organizers for their contribution to our tabletop community and this fantastic cooperation. 🎖

Suppose you are a tabletop enthusiast in northern Italy. In that case, we have great news for you: there are still tickets left for the MUNFRA Game days in Casale Monferrato. From April 2nd to April 3rd, matches for Warhammer Fantasy, Age of Sigmar, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Blood Bowl, Magic: The Gathering, and many more will be held. There are also painting and modeling workshops.

The best thing about all of that? You have the opportunity to win exciting prizes from Feldherr.

If this piqued your interest, you will find more information on the event and the opportunity to sign up on their page. 🎲

The Beast From The East - Blood Bowl

In the beautiful cathedral city of Peterborough, glorious matches were fought this past weekend. More than 40 coaches faced off on the green. Did their teams bring home gold, or did they burn out on the field? This year's Beast from the East tournament winners were awarded something worth more than gold (in the spiritual sense): Feldherr Cases to rest your winning team in. 🎉📣

But to all losers of this series: do not dismay! Your humiliation on the gridlock was not in vain. The generated revenue of this event was donated to a local charity for disadvantaged children. And this is truly worth more than gold! 🏅

We proudly announce again sponsoring this year's charity of The Beast From The East tournament in Peterborough, UK. All proceeds will be donated to a local charity that looks after special needs children. So if you live close by, feel free to sign up on their Facebook page. You can win excellent Feldherr prices! 🏈

Micro GT de Espana - Acuphammer - Warhammer 40,000

The First Micro Grand Tournament of Spain has a date and place.

It will be held in Palencia, on February 12th.⏳ On just a single day!

We are happy to support them. A painting contest and great prices are waiting for you. So what is your excuse now for not playing a GT?

You can find more informations here:

👉🏻 Acuphammer Instagram Page
👉🏿 Acuphammer Website

Legendarium I - MESBG

The first Legendarium tournament with its unique mission system and elaborate maps is undoubtedly a special tournament from Austria. The MESBG armies went to battle on nine tables, inspired by The Hobbit and, of course, The Lord Of The Rings. We congratulate Klaus „Lichtsang“ Mitterndorfer, Greg „big_endian“ Czerwinski, and Bettina „Eichohrkatz“ Baumgartner to their spectacular wins and amazing prizes. If you are interested in a fantastic Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game tournament in Austria, keep your eyes peeled! Legendarium II is already in the works 😉

Legendarium is not just the fantastic fantasy world of JRR Tolkien's creation. It is also the name of a newly launched Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game tournament in Austria. Not only does every participant receive a goodie bag, but also Feldherr is supporting the event with amazing prizes! There will also be a painting contest with prizes of equal value as the tournament game prizes. The Wulpertinger club organizes the event this February. ⏳

If you want to find out more, here is the tournament's website. If you want a chance to prove your skill and win cool Feldherr prizes in the amazing atmosphere of this MESBG tournament, you can register as a contender on . ♟

Du planst auch ein Turnier oder Tabletop Event? Wir unterstützen gerne deinen Beitrag zur Tabletop-Community mit Feldherr Produkten und Merchandise unterstützen. Bitte nutze unser Kontaktformular für Sponsoring Anfragen, damit wir dein Anliegen zeitnah beantworten können.