SHELL Core Box

with 6 Token Trays

The versatile companion for every board gamer.

6 colorful token trays in a slim, stylish and square box that will fit perfectly into your board game shelf and on the gaming table.

The box comes with a practical insert that gives you 11 additional compartments to organize your accessories during or after the game.

Use it on the tabletop to enhance your game play or as a sorter box for small pieces, like bits, dice, beads and other hobby untensils.

SHELL Expansion Pack

with 6 single-colored trays

And if these six trays aren't enough for you, we have the refill packed and ready.

You get 6 additional SHELL troken trays in the color of your choosing.

SHELL Value pack

with 36 SHELL token trays in six colors

You can never have enough SHELLs. So get your token trays straight away in the bargain pack.

Get 6 Expansion Packs for the price of 5.